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Each of our products has been carefully developed to address everyday challenges of hedgehog ownership.

Meeting a Decades-Old Need

Members of the hedgehog community have been disappointed in the selection of hedgehog food options since their popularity as pets began. Faced with low quality and poor palatability hedgehog foods, most owners have opted to feed cat food. While convenient, it is not ideal for our pets and can lead to problems with weight management, fecal consistency, dental health, skin health and more.

Sustainable Ingredients, Sustainable Business

Not only are insects better for hedgehogs, they're better for the world! Our black soldier fly larvae are sustainably raised on pre-consumer food waste. Their feed conversion and water/electricity usage is drastically more efficient than conventional meat production.

Biologically Appropriate

We utilize the best farmed insects on the market as our primary diet ingredient, because hedgehogs should be eating insects. Chitin, the fiber in arthropod exoskeletons, is an incredibly important part of their natural diet - and research shows it plays a role in their ability to digest other nutrients.

Different Hedgehogs Need Different Foods

We are developing three staple diet formulas to meet the needs of hedgehogs with different metabolic needs. Each hedgehog has factors including age, activity, and health status that impact their caloric needs. Providing the right food is important to helping them maintain a healthy body condition and live a long, happy life.