Why we love BSFL <3

BSFL - or Black Soldier Fly Larvae - are one of our favorite feeder insects for hedgies. We use these insects as the main ingredient in our staple diets, and we also highly recommend them as a part of your hedgehog's healthy diet.

Pet hedgehog eating dried black soldier fly larvae insect treats

1. Hedgehogs love them.

Most hedgies eat dried BSFL like potato chips! Each of our hedgehogs here at HP gets a little scoop of them each night with their kibble, and typically they wake up and come gobble them up as a first course, no matter the time day or night! 

2. They're super nutritious.

BSFL are the only feeder insect commonly accessible these days that have an appropriate ratio of calcium to phosphorus. You can feed them regularly without worrying about a calcium deficit - a huge plus over mealworms, crickets, etc! They also come with healthy fats and fibers to support digestion. 

3. They are sustainably farmed and SO much better for the planet than other animal proteins.

Insect agriculture is growing, and for good reason. Insects like BSFL are incredibly efficient, requiring only a tiny fraction of space, water, energy, and food inputs than other animals. The BSFL we use are raised on a balanced diet carefully made from certain food waste - not only do they not require dedicated food to be grown for them, but they're helping us humans be a little less wasteful.

4. They're affordable and accessible.

Feeding insects is one of the best things you can do for your hedgehog, to align with their natural diet. It isn't always easy, cheap, or preferable for owners to go out and buy live insects. Dried BSFL are just as nutritious as live ones, but they're cheap, shelf stable, and hedgies love the crunch! We recommend BSFL over all other dried insects as the most nutritionally complete option, if you had to offer just one.

You can order Dried BSFL from us! We offer a cost effective large bag option if you're like us and want to offer a little scoop each night. They are also the first ingredient in our Trail Mix insect blend!

Use the code BSFLBEST for 25% off any size BSFL through the end of March '22.