Community Support Program

Involvement in animal welfare communities (hedgehog rescue, wildlife rehab, ambassador animal programs) has been a huge part of our journey to launch Hedgehog Precision and get to where we are today.

Our Community Support Program is one part of our efforts to give back and support important work in areas including animal welfare and public education. 

To request support for your program, please reach out to me (Kimberly) directly at for approval and to get a free sample package shipped out!

Who Qualifies?

  • Rescue stations with the Hedgehog Welfare Society
  • Rescues for small animals
  • Animal shelters & humane societies that accept small animals
  • Animal education programs
  • Wildlife rehabilitation facilities

What Does Support Entail?

If you run, or are associated with a qualifying nonprofit or education program, we will provide discounted or free products to help meet the needs of the animals you care for. This can include our staple diets as well as dried insects, live insects, and other products we offer.

  • Free food (just pay shipping) for rescues in urgent need
  • 50% off food for rescues and nonprofits
  • 20% off food for businesses with qualifying education programs

For Other Small Animals

Black soldier fly larvae are great for tons of small pets beyond hedgehogs - sugar gliders especially, but even gerbils, hamsters, mice and rats, etc. We've also gotten good feedback from people using our insect-based kibble with species like tenrecs and pygmy dormice. 

For Wildlife

In circumstances where dog/cat kibble is softened in wildlife rehab diets, our insect-based kibble can be used as a more biologically appropriate option for wildlife who will transition onto eating insects. We have a variety of dried insect options for diets as well as live insects. We're happy to source live mealworms & beetles from our local farm to ship as well, to match or beat what you currently pay.