Live Insects Shipping Policy

Note on Calculated Shipping Rates

After wondering for quite some time why the system-calculated rates for orders including live bugs were higher than normal, we figured it out! Annoyingly, because live bugs are in a separate shipping profile, they are calculated as shipping out in a separate shipment than our other products. There is not a good work around for this currently, but we will adjust when we can!

For now, please note that if you are ordering bugs AND normal products (like kibble) the shipping cost will be incorrectly high (like $18 instead of $9). We will refund the difference when we ship all items together on one label!

Our Terms

Reminder: We do not guarantee delivery dates on any order - USPS Priority provides estimated, but not guaranteed, delivery dates.

We guarantee live arrival of feeder insects if the below steps are met:

  • You had the package held for pickup at your post office, or brought the package in promptly (within 1hr) upon delivery.
  • If your insect shipment arrives dead, send us photos right away along with the time your package was picked up / brought inside. We'll reference this with the USPS tracking data to qualify you for a replacement.

Our Process

If your order includes live insects, here's how it works!

  • We pull the insects for your order and package them securely.
  • Your order ships out within 2 business days.
  • Based on delivery day, you tell USPS to hold your delivery if you won't be home to bring them inside. You can add your phone # in the "Company" line of the shipping address for your post office to reference.
  • You'll get an email the day USPS has your order out for delivery, if it is not being held for pickup.

Other Details

Some items can't be shipped together. For example, Basin Wheels are large and must be shipped UPS Ground - which is too slow for us to safely include live insects in the same shipment. The cart won't allow you to check out with incompatible items in the same order. If you have trouble checking out, please reach out and we'll help get it working for you!