Top down view of a dish of Bug Block cubes
A decorative pile of Bug Block cubes in front of various bottles of the product
A small and large bottle of strawberry flavored Bug Blocks by Hedgehog Precision
A small and large bottle of Bug Blocks Gold by Hedgehog Precision
Bug Blocks

Bug Blocks

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Bug Blocks are a new product intended to be fed as a treat or topper. They are limited ingredient, highly digestible and shelf stable. These light, crispy blocks are popular among hedgehogs, and especially among owners who are creeped out by handling whole insects!

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Color may vary batch to batch.

What are our flavor options?

Gold is our original Bug Blocks flavor. It's 100% insect, single ingredient, and very popular with hedgies across the board!
Ingredients: Blaptica dubia (feeder insect).

Strawberry is similar to our original, but made with fresh strawberry. Strawberry is a good source of calcium and fiber!
Ingredients: Blaptica dubia (feeder insect), strawberry.

Beef Stew Bug Blocks are made with two insect species, mixed with a hint of savory carrot and beef lung/liver. Hedgies usually anoint with these! :) 
Ingredients: Blaptica dubia (feeder insect), Hermetia illucens (feeder insect), carrot, beef lung, beef liver.


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