Diet updates November 2020!

[I had hoped to have this update (and new product) out to you guys months ago. I can't thank you all enough for sticking with us while we worked to get our diets produced and restocked!]

Based on the feedback of our wonderful customers and assessment of our diets across hundreds of hedgehogs over the past year, we have made some slight tweaks to the formula to make our diets even better. These are reflected across all three staple diets. Lot-by-lot you may notice some variability in the physical attributes of the kibble. We minimize this as much as possible, but it is difficult to control when we run such small batches. Once we get up to running 50 tons of food at a time, the process will become much more reliable! ;) 

Diet Updates November 2020

  • Increase fish oil content in each formula. We did this because omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA are not only important for maintaining healthy skin, but also reducing overall inflammation in the body. Based on our lab results from the last batches we decided to boost this for more effective levels. Don't worry, it is far too small an amount to cause fishy poops!
  • Add yucca schidigera to each formula. This safe plant ingredient is admired for its ability to reduce fecal odor in other animals. I can't guarantee it will have a noticeable effect for hedgehogs, but even if it only helps some hedgies, we thought it was worth incorporating!
  • Remove apple fiber pomace from each formula. This was a perfectly safe source of fiber for hedgies, but because a few people were worried about it and it wasn't necessary to the formula, we opted to pull it from the diets. We use several other healthy fiber sources!
  • And lastly, we are working with our production team toward consistency in the kibble size and density. Kibble size is pretty straightforward to control, but the density can vary a bit and we're hoping to get that more consistent across all formulas. If you've used multiple of our formulas in the past, you may have noticed that the High Calorie was more dense than the other two formulas.