Feb 2023 Kibble & Packaging Update!

Hi everyone! We wanted to give an update on batches and bag sizes since we have a few changes starting this month.

2022 hit us very hard with uninsured losses and unexpected costs, so we aren't quite as far along with plans as we had hoped. Our custom packaging has to wait until we pay off some loans, and we are still working on big projects like setting up distribution/shipping in Canada.

Key Updates

1. Our current batch of High Calorie will be discontinued on 2/28.

2. We are switching packaging bags, and will be offering a 2lb size instead of a 3lb size. Price/lb is the same!

3. We are working on updating bag labels to confirm that the Standard formula is complete and balanced for all hedgies, including babies and nursing moms.



High Calorie and Standard

Many of you are aware of the struggle we had with our most recent High Calorie batch - the majority of it arrived from the manufacturer with too high of a moisture content. We had to go through it case-by-case and ended up having to toss* most of it, and shipped out replacement bags to many customers. We have a small amount of "good" HC remaining but will stop selling it at the end of the month because the expiration date is coming up on May 1st.

Thankfully, the HC batch turned out to be extremely similar to our Standard formula and moving over to ST should be an easy switch for most hedgies! Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns, we're more than happy to assist and offer discounts/replacements related to discontinuing this HC batch.


We had hoped to have custom printed bags by now, but unfortunately that has been pushed back. In the meantime we're making a step up to some cute stand up bags! They'll be more durable than previous bags. Because of this change, we opted to sell them in 1lb and 2lb sizes - the ability for them to fit efficiently in the main boxes we ship in is important. A standard 3lb bag size wasn't feasible for fitting nicely in the cube boxes we use most frequently. However, two of the 2lb bags fit perfectly!

1lb bag of hedgehog food next to a 2lb bag of hedgehog food

Two 2lb bags of hedgehog food inside a priority mailing box


We will be updating our food labels as well as the formula recommendations on the website to reflect the Standard and Weight Control batches we have now! The values will be slightly different since each production batch varies a little bit. Please excuse the bit of overlap between old and new labels as we update things!


*we unpackaged and sent the kibble to a composting facility, rather than sending it to the landfill.