Notes on the new batch of High Calorie formula (Nov 2021)

Hey! If you have used our High Calorie formula in the past, you'll notice that this new batch looks a little different. We've had a few questions, and I'd like to do a quick overview to clarify!

The previous batch of HC: This food was produced in a test facility, and turned out well though there were some things I wanted to change. The kibble size was great, but the kibbles were more dense than I'd like. The chicken fat that is applied topically at the end was also not as high quality as I expected. Essentially, it oxidized more quickly than expected which led to less tasty aroma. Because it was a production line shared with a variety of projects, despite cleaning out between runs we also ended up with bits of contaminants: little pieces of other products that had run before. While harmless, these were beyond frustrating!

This new batch of HC: This food was produced in a new facility that we really appreciate. They have great sanitation/food safety, quality assurance, and consistency in production. Since this was the first time running this formula with them, we did end up needing to decrease the amount of fat we could add. Thankfully we still ended up at our target fat %! However, the fat coating is more apparent on this kibble, which gives it that greasy/shiny texture that high fat cat foods often have. Otherwise, the formula is the same, though our suppliers for some ingredients changed when we set up with our new manufacturer.

Oh! Another thing you may come across. Occasionally there will be "clumps" of kibble stuck together with what you'd maybe describe as molasses. These are a byproduct of the tumble coating step at the end of production. Sometimes the coating turns the loose kibble into a little kibble blob. Unsightly, but totally harmless. In most cases you can crumble the clump apart in your hand.

Have a question you'd like us to answer here? Let us know - someone else might be wondering the same thing. :)