What packing material do we ship orders with?

Hedgehog sitting in front of a variety of packing materials

We're proud to use 100% recycled and/or reused packing material for shipping Hedgehog Precision orders. Packing material isn't an exciting topic for most people, but take a minute to think of how many online orders you've received, and what they're typically packed with. Unfortunately, most packing materials are destined to the landfill after just one use. Rather than purchasing single use plastic, we partner with local shipping and packaging companies that collect packing materials for reuse. We try to box orders efficiently, to minimize empty space.

Help double or triple (or quadruple!) the life expectancy of packing materials from any online retailer! Those packing pillows can be reused indefinitely. Reuse them, donate them for reuse, or recycle them. Plastic film (like bubble wrap and packing pillows) needs to go to designated plastic film recycling areas, because they jam up the normal commingled recycling equipment. Please don't put them in your normal paper/plastic/metal recycling bin. 

Thanks for helping us make a small impact in reducing the environmental footprint associated with shipping orders!