FAQ while we wait for food to arrive

Hello! You're probably here because you're still waiting to order Standard or Weight Control and kinda wondering what's taking so long and what to do in the meantime. While I can't make the food come any faster, hopefully the details below will help tide you and your hedgies over for the next ~2 weeks! Current expectation is that we'll be able to start shipping ST and WC out again at the end of August. 

What should I feed my hedgie in the meantime?
If there was a kibble your hedgehog ate (and did well on) prior to switching to HP, I recommend using that in the meantime since you know your hedgie will eat it. Alternately, I've included a list of wet cat and dog foods below which meet hedgehog needs and are higher fiber, lower fat/protein than the average cat/dog kibble. This means the overall nutritional profile is closer to Hedgehog Precision foods and should hopefully sit well with your hedgies. The nice thing about opting for wet food is that it comes in small volumes, so you don't have to buy a big bag of cat food, and you don't have to worry about large/hard kibble. 

Can I just feed High Calorie for now?
You totally can! Though we're also excruciatingly low on HC since the other two formulas have been sold out for weeks now. My personal hope is that we can hold out til the new food comes in without totally running out of HC. 

This whole "out of stock" thing happened last year too. What gives?
Trust me, it is as embarrassing as it is frustrating that this is happening again! At the bottom of this is the fact that we're a small company and don't need 40,000lbs of each formula made at a single time. That cuts us out of the running for the vast majority of manufacturing facilities that produce pet food. We are very glad to have found a great facility with the capabilities we need to make our weird tiny kibble and have lower run minimums, and have been in the process of getting this production run completed since May - pushing it through as quickly as possible. As frustrating as this situation is, I feel confident that we won't end up in this scenario again. Because we'll have all the paperwork established and initial kinks worked out, we'll be able to schedule future food runs well, well in advance of running out!

Some wet cat and dog foods that may work well for hedgies used to eating HP Standard and Weight Control formulas:

Each of these wet food containers should cost about $1-3 and last the average hedgehog 2-3 nights (3oz cat food) or a week+ (12oz+ dog food). Please note that I'm not endorsing any product in particular - there's a variety listed here so you can purchase a brand and formula you're comfortable with.

WholeHearted Weight Control Chicken Recipe Adult Wet Cat

Purina ONE Natural Ideal Weight White Meat Chicken Recipe in Sauce Wet Cat Food

Purina ONE Indoor High Protein Indoor Advantage Ocean Whitefish & Rice Pate Wet Cat Food (head's up, fish based in case you're not a fan of fish smell)

Authority Weight Control Pate Adult Wet Cat Food

Authority Advanced Wellness Weight Loss Shredded Wet Cat Food

Blue Buffalo True Solutions Fit & Healthy Chicken Recipe Natural Weight Control Adult Wet Cat Food

Natural Balance Original Ultra Calorie Chicken, Salmon & Duck Wet Dog Food

Natural Balance Fat Dogs Targeted Nutrition Chicken & Salmon Formula Wet Food

Solid Gold Fit & Fabulous Chicken, Sweet Potato & Green Bean Weight Control Grain Free Wet Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Blue Wilderness Healthy Weight Turkey & Chicken Grill Adult Wet Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Blue Homestyle Recipe Chicken Dinner with Garden Vegetables Healthy Weight Adult Wet Dog Food