Which Formula to Feed?

Use these guidelines to choose which of our staple diets is the best fit for your hedgehog. We are more than happy to offer personalized recommendations if you reach out to us!

You can also read about Body Condition Assessment.

Weight Control Formula

Formulated for adult hedgehogs. Ideal for adults who are overweight or at risk of becoming overweight, as well as healthy adults who consume additional foods like insects which provide a good source of fat.

Short answer: Most hedgies 400g and up.

Standard Formula

Intended for most adults, but especially those that aren't getting / won't eat other supplemental insects / meat / egg etc. This is what I recommend switching to at appx 3 mo, depending on how babies are growing. If you’re feeding other quality foods like whole insects, consider our Weight Control formula. If your baby is still under 300 grams, consider staying on our High Calorie formula.

High Calorie Formula

Formulated for all life stages. Intended for baby hedgehogs (typically up to 3 months), pregnant/nursing mothers, very active adults, and older adults who have trouble keeping weight on.

Short answer: Babies, moms, and most adults under 300g.