Live Insects: Extra Large Dubia
Live Insects: Extra Large Dubia

Live Insects: Extra Large Dubia

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We know many hedgie people also have reptiles and other small exotics! You can buy live feeders from us to feed to any pet you have - whether it's your hedgie, a bearded dragon, sugar gliders, or something else. <3 

 All live bug orders ship USPS Priority only!

Live Insect Shipping Policy

Note on Calculated Shipping Rates

After wondering for quite some time why the system-calculated rates for orders including live bugs were higher than normal, we figured it out! Annoyingly, because live bugs are in a separate shipping profile, they are calculated as shipping out in a separate shipment than our other products. There is not a good work around for this currently, but we will adjust when we can!

For now, please note that if you are ordering bugs AND normal products (like kibble) the shipping cost will be incorrectly high (like $18 instead of $9). We will refund the difference when we ship all items together on one label!

Live Dubia Orders FAQ

How do they ship?

We only allow USPS Priority for live sales. We package your live insect orders inside a ventilated plastic container, or a breathable cotton bag within a cardboard box. The bug container/box will then go with any other products you order into the main package we ship to you. Dubia roaches are very hardy insects, and can tolerate a wide range of temperatures and oxygen levels that they might face during shipping. If you're concerned about your local temperature being too hot/cold for delivery, please be sure to request the package to be held at the post office for you to pick up.

USPS will deliver your package like normal - which means placing it in your mailbox, on your doorstep, etc. Please be sure you'll be able to bring the package in promptly to avoid additional weather exposure.

What do I do once I get them?

They won't be loose in the main shipping box! Once you open that one, find the container or box they're secured in (it'll be labeled). Open your Bug Box and untie the cotton tie on the bag (or open the plastic container) and dump them into a smooth sided container! They might be a bit slow and drowsy. Let them perk up at room temperature (or a bit warmer) for at least a few hours and you'll be ready to gut load and then feed them off! 

What if they're all dead?

It doesn't happen often, but I know you're wondering what the risk is. In rare cases, your package might have been exposed to temperatures high or low enough that even roaches can't withstand. We have a Live Arrival Policy. Please let us know right away (with pictures & the time you brought the package in) and we'll get replacements sent out!

Where we can't ship:

We've placed destination limits on all live dubia products. If you try to place an order that includes live dubia to a shipping address outside of the USA, or to Florida or Hawaii, the checkout system will give an error until removed from the cart.