Isopods - Giant Canyon
Isopods - Giant Canyon
Isopods - Giant Canyon
Isopods - Giant Canyon

Isopods - Giant Canyon

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In partnership with our sister company Telos Exotics, we have a variety of inverts available for bioactive enclosures (reptile, amphibian, hedgehog, or otherwise) or just as pets! 

This listing is for a container of 20+ Giant Canyon isopods (Porcellio dilatatus), mixed sizes.

This species plays dead extremely well. If they appear dead when they arrive, let them sit undisturbed for a few minutes and you'll likely find they all sneakily crawl off when they don't think anyone is looking!

You can view all our isopod/CUC species available here!

They ship in small container with substrate and very small air holes to prevent humidity escaping - don't worry, they have plenty of oxygen! Most cultures will also include assorted beneficial springtails and/or beneficial soil mites. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out!

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